Letter designations for printers

Some printer manufacturers usually attach to printers, usually with laser devices, the model number nor any letters, these letters are to convey one, what the device still contains. Example HP LaserJet 2420dn, d stands for Duplex, n for Network. Of course, there may be several names …

aAnalog Fax (Send Faxes Analog)
c (no info found)
d Duplex (two-sided printing)
ee-Task (Touchscreen)
f Stapler Finisher (staples sheets together)
g (no info found)
h Harddisk
n Network
p Stapler finisher with punch (staple sheets and punch them)
s Stacker
t Tray
wWLAN (WLAN can be integrated via routers for the network)
xHigh capacity feeder

It may be that this list is incomplete or may differ from the content!

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